Is The Creator Of Squid Game Releasing A Second Season? Deets Inside

Domg-Hyuk, the creator of the hit Korean survival drama Squid Game has confirmed to launch the second season of the show. The planning of the second season is still going on.

During a Los Angeles screening, Hyuk said that the immense love for Squid Game has raised the demand for its second season. Therefore, he needs to follow the demand and launch the second season.

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Although Domg didn’t disclose any details of the second season but told about the character Seong Gi-Hun. This character played by Lee Jung-jae in the drama will do “something for the world”. He was the lead actor of the last season and now will also play a vital role in the second season of the show.

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During an interview with The Korean times, the creator of the show told that he had the idea to launch this show in 2008. The show narrates the life of 456 debt-ridden contestants. Due to debt, participants play games for money and the losers face deadly repercussions.Squid Game season 2 | release date, cast, trailer, theories for return - Radio Times

Furthermore, Dong-hyuk said that the idea of which games to use in the show came to him 10 years ago. The game would start with the red light and green light, whose consequence would lead to the mass death of people. Adding to the game, the creator thought that the fight between contestants using the shapes will illustrate the irony of it being a children’s game as well as the desperation of the warrior.

When asked about the reason to pitch the show after 12 years, the creator told about the change in the dramas viewers would see. According to him, nowadays violent stories are loved and welcomed by the audience.

Reportedly, Squid Game has become one of the most hit shows on Netflix on an international level.

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