Is your partner cheating on you? Now check according to their sunsigns

By admin

December 23, 2016

Do you know that your zodiac sign can tell a lot about your personality? A study suggests that zodiac signs can tell a lot about the characteristics of a person. The good thing is that they can also tell you about cheating behaviours. Now you can know about your partners and their cheating behaviours. Have a look at the sunsigns:

  1. Aries

If you are faithful to your Aries partner, then there are more chance that they will not cheat on you. However, they are flirtatious at times. They like to get all the attention from their partners and if they fail to shower them with it, they may lose interest.


Taurus sign people are very loyal to their partners. They remain faithful to their partners and expect the same from them. They only want love and attention. But if they don’t get it, they would cheat.


People born under the gemini sun sign are attracted to people who are intellectual. They don’t like physical attraction. For them, it is all about feelings and emotions. They can cheat if they don’t feel an intellectual connect with their partners.


Most unlikely to cheat, Cancerians are very emotional when it comes to relationships. It will be very rare to find a cheater under this sun sign. However, if they find someone who is showering them with attention and love, they will go with the flow.


Leos are the most difficult to understand. They like drama, romance and excitement. If their partner gives them importance and always keeps them excited, they are unlikely to cheat. Make sure you don’t hurt their ego.


Virgos are emotional cheaters. If they don’t find mental satisfaction with their partner, they can cheat. They want their partner to reciprocate their feelings. However, they feel very guilty whenever they get into the cheating mode.


When a Libra commits to a person, they are not likely to cheat. They are very romantic. They look for love and affection. Librans may start looking for someone else if they feel that their partner is neglecting them.


Scorpions want constant excitement in their love life. If they don’t get it, they are likely to cheat. They are very mysterious. If their partner cheats on them, they also cheat them. They wish to have a good physical connect with their partner.


They like to flirt and at times this flirting makes them cheat on their partners. However, if the partner is very serious about them, they too will be serious about them. Make sure you give them the space they are looking for.


They do not fall under the cheating category. They are very loyal to their partners. However, if they don’t find respect and admiration in their relationship, they will find someone else.


This one again is a sign that looks for an emotional bond with their partners. They are not very romantic but they try to express their love in any way possible. They look for love and importance from their partners.


Pisces may cheat but only when they feel that there is no excitement factor left in their relationship. They lust for love and if they don’t find it, they may move away from their partners.