Love is a relation which comes into existence automatically. Its a beautiful feeling which we all experience at some point of our life. It is said love relations are made in heaven and it fills our life with positivity. When you meet someone and chemistry works its magic  but there are times when even after putting so much effort it does’nt work and results into breakups and love failure.  Most of the time people blame themselves for their love failure but its not always correct. There are many reasons why love relationships fail . Generally a romantic relationship fails due  to lack of faithfulness,jealousy,addiction, abusive behaviour , social and cultural differences etc. But these reasons are not always the factor for love failure ,sometimes your sun signs plays very important role in love failure .


Cosmic energy plays very important role here. The strongest factor in a relationship between couples is a link between the Sun and the Moon. This is usually a strong indicator of marriage and setting up home together. The Moon is the emotion factor in any chart, the place where we build memories and a home of our own. The Sun is our primary goal in life. When we meet someone and fall in love, all emotions are engaged and our primary goal becomes this other person. The outer planets are also responsible. Uranus figures strongly in break ups and

divorces, so a strong Uranian connection between charts may indicate a short lived relationship. Neptune brings romance to the mix, but if negatively charged, he can also indicate lies and deception. Pluto can indicate an obsessive or uncomfortable element. Be careful with Plutonian relationships. The Air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, will have excellent communication with each other. The Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, will all be emotionally in tune with each other, while the Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, will share a mutual desire for stability and security.

That’s why, if you are serious about someone, it is wise to get your natal charts made up and have a professional astrologer compare them. The insights could make all the difference between a relationship based on understanding and one based on blind passion

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