Isha Ambani Makes A Shocking Revelation: Says Akash & I Are IVF Babies After 7 Years Of Marriage

Isha Ambani shares a very close bond with her mother Nita Ambani and never misses an occasion to praise the beautiful woman that her mother is. Similarly, Nita Ambani also dotes on her daughter and makes sure that she gets the best of everything, every time. Whether we talk about Isha’s grand and lavish wedding ceremony or Nita’s performance for her daughter, the mother makes sure her daughter gets all the happiness in the world.

Now, in a recent interview, the newly-wedded Isha Ambani has made a very big revelation. She was talking about the strength of her mother and how she had her and then raised her to become so successful and happy in life. While doing so, Isha happened to mention something that came out as a big revelation. She said, “My parents had us after seven years of marriage—my twin Akash and I were IVF babies. When my mother finally had us she wanted to be a full-time mum initially. Later, she went back to work when we were five, but she was still a tiger mom.”

She continued, “I remember, whenever mom and I had fights, we’d call dad to resolve the issue. My mom was way stricter. If we wanted to bunk school, dad would be like “It’s no big deal” but mom would ensure we ate on time, studied hard and got our playtime as well. My grandparents (paternal and maternal) and my maasi played a huge role in bringing us up.”

She even talked about the way she felt while growing up in one of the richest families in the world. She said, “The surprising truth is that though my parents were exceptionally busy, they were really hands-on. I was born in 1991, right after Liberalisation, which was a real inflexion point for the Indian economy—it was the first time that Indian companies could dream of global scale. I saw my father work very hard to chase that dream and build Reliance into the organisation that it is today. And though he worked long hours, he was always there when we needed him. At home, we were raised to have the same value system that our parents grew up with. They made sure we understood the value of money, hard work and humility.”


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