Isha Ambani’s Unseen Childhood Pics Prove Money Makes You Grow-Up Gracefully

We’ve all been through that time when we look back at our childhood pictures ( not the baby or infant ones, but the ones where we are 7-14 years age) and wonder what an ugly mess we were. The way we looked, dressed, and kept ourselves make us wonder how we survived with that look. Well, Isha Ambani had also been through that. And looking at her now, there’s no doubt that she has certainly grown up gracefully and turned out to be a beautiful butterfly evolving from that larvae.

A look at Isha Ambani’s childhood pictures has made us realize that this lady is certainly done something right to have turned out this beautiful after looking like that in her childhood. We stumbled upon a collage of her cutest childhood pictures that show off her beautiful transition from a girl-next-door to a diva. Take a look at the collage below:

She had talked about growing up as the Daughter of one of the richest men on earth. She had said, “While growing up, I never felt different from my peers and classmates. I think there are very few people who have tried to be friends with me because of fame or prominence. When I was studying and working abroad, I was pretty much anonymous. It would be naive to say that I’ve never come across such sycophants, but I always try and see the good in another person and assume their best intentions. I haven’t come across a “yes” person, who agrees to everything I say.”

Isha had once also spoken up about her childhood. She had said, “I was the only girl with four boys at home. It was Akash, Anant, Anmol, Anshul and me. So by default, I had to be naughty to survive. If I tried to be anything else, I wouldn’t be included in all their games and fun. I grew up very much a tomboy. At home, there was no gender bias. I was never told that because you’re a girl, you can’t do this or that.”

Adding further, she had said, “We are very normal. It may sound weird to some people, but I do believe that we are ordinary in the sense that we live like everyone else—my family, our relationships—we are very close, grounded, and our relationship is based on love. My parents have had the same friends since I was born. And it’s the same with Akash, Anant and I. Of course, we have some new friends, but our core group has pretty much remained the same. In that sense we’ve been very lucky to be surrounded by real people who tell you the tough things in life if they have to.”


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