Navina Bole aka Tia of Ishaqbaaz recently got engaged with her long time boyfriend Karran Jeet. Karran is also an actor by profession and the couple was madly in love with each other. The engagement ceremony was a family affair with not much people.

Navina was looking absolutely stunning in her orange saree and not so heavy jewelry with her man of dreams.

Here is what she said about it, “Karran is a chartered accountant and is also into real estate. According to me, he is a master of all trades! He is also the most understanding partner one could hope to have. He understands my time issues and my work schedule as he has been a part of this, too.” “The best thing about our relationship is that we are great friends. We have the craziest jokes, which only friends can share. We think alike and believe in the same principles in life. That’s what makes our relationship so beautiful.” she added

According to reports, the couple couple will tie the knot in coming march.

Many congratulations to both of you!

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