“It Doesn’t Feel Good To Do The Kissing Scene In The Picture Anymore”: Prabhas Speaks About Getting Intimate Onscreen!

Talking about working with Pooja Hegde in the film ‘Radhe Shyam’, Prabhas of ‘Bahubali’ said that he does not feel comfortable doing intimate scenes in the film. He said, “Even if it is a commercial film, the kissing scene can be avoided. But it is not possible to avoid intimate scenes when the director makes love pictures. That is what has to be done. When I take off my clothes and kiss, I see how many people are around! ”

Prabhas was present in Mumbai on the day of the release of Radhe Shyam’s glimpse. In this film, Prabhas has played the role of astrologer. The name of the character is Vikramaditya.

How successful will Vikramaditya be in reading the minds of the people in his mind who can read everyone’s life in an instant? Will motivation bring destruction to Vikramaditya’s love? But why? A glimpse of all that was captured in the flash of the picture.

In a recent interview, Prabhas spoke up about his rumored relationship with Anushka Shetty. He said that Anushka is a very close friend of mine. We have worked on four films together. We understand and know each other very well. But we are not dating. He also said that if we were dating why would we hide it? Fans always want to see them together after seeing their chemistry in ‘Bahubali’. Prabhas said, “This time I see that either Anushka or I have to get married. Only after that, this rumor will stop.”

Everyone’s heartthrob Prabhas hopes to realize the ambition, one film at a time. For now, his attention is on the bilingual that features Pooja Hegde as the leading lady.

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