“It Is A Passing Phase,” Comments Javed Akhtar When Asked About Cancel Culture In Bollywood

The Padma Shree winner, Javed Akhtar recently attended the Film Fare Awards along with his wife Shabana Azmi. The couple has been considered icons in Bollywood with Akhtar’s poetry, and Shabana’s one too many iconic roles in the Indian Film Industry, including the groundbreaking film Fire.

The cancel culture is causing quite the stir in the Hindi Film Industry. Recent films such as Rakshabandhan and Liger have been doing poorly at the box office after being collectively boycotted on social media for various reasons. When the media asked for Javed’s opinion on the current Cancel Culture going on in Bollywood he simply dismissed it by calling it a “passing phase.”

He said, “It is a passing phase. It doesn’t work. If the film is good and is appreciated by the audience, it will work. If it is not good and not appreciated by the audience, it won’t work. I don’t think this kind of announcement of cancel culture and boycott works at all.

While many stars have acknowledged the frightening situation that Bollywood currently stands in, with Vijay Deverakonda’s debut, Liger, crashing at the box office. Akhtar simply doesn’t think so.

Warangal Srinu said that 65 per cent of his investments went into Liger, and he admitted to losing 100 crores in the last 12 months. In his words this feels like a campaign being hosted against them, collective sabotage to be exact.

Akhtar might not be exactly right on this one since it doesn’t seem like Cancel Culture in Bollywood is going away anytime soon. It is just the beginning of something big.

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