‘It was awkward’; Taapsee Says When She Watches An Intimate Scenes With Her Father In Her Childhood

Taapsee Pannu harks back to when she used to watch a movie with her father in her teenage and an intimate scene comes up, she used to feel less comfortable as it became awkward when you are watching a lovemaking scene with your teenage daughter. We used to switch channels; she added.

We all know that Taapsee could be both bold and simple at the same time in a movie. And her bold scenes are really hot. But when she used to be a little girl then she didn’t know that what she is going to be in the future, and when these types of situations come up she used to change the channel as a child is expected to do when sitting with his/her father.

In foreign countries, it is more often for the family members to talk about sex and other intimate things at their child teenage because in the modern country like the USA every child over the age of 15 years knows what sex and sexual things matters for a person and how’d they affect them in both positive and negative way.


These kinds of conversations can be very odd for everyone from us, cause we grow in Indian society and our religions and sacraments teach us to respect our parents and likely to this our parents are also kind of uncomfortable with us when there is a kiss or a sex scene comes up in a movie. The same thing Taapsee felt when she mentions this incident.


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