After a lot of speculations on whether Ranbir and Alia are dating or not, Ranbir finally opened up and confirmed their relationship in a recent interview with a leading magazine.

When Ranbir was asked about his relationship status with Alia, he bluntly said, “It’s really new right now, and I don’t want to over speak. It needs time to breathe and it needs space. As an actor, as a person, Alia is – what’s the right word? – flowing right now. When I see her work, when I see her act, even in life, what she gives is something that I’m aspiring to for myself. It’s new for us, so let it cook a bit.”

He further added that he enjoys the new phase of love, all those butterflies and excitement of being ‘newly newly in love’. The actor stated, “It always comes with a lot of excitement. It’s a new person, it comes with new beats. Old tricks become new tricks again – you know, being charming and romantic, all of that. I think I’m more balanced today. I value relationships more. I can appreciate hurt and what it does to a person much more than I could a couple years back.”

The duo never hesitated in showing their admiration and affection towards each other, as Alia said I adore Ranbir’s work and because of his good nature and looks “Ranbir is my all-time crush”. On the other side, Ranbir also never misses a chance to speak about Alia. He even said that he has a ‘boy crush on her,’ and complimented her acting skills in her latest film, Raazi.

But it’s the first time they accepted their relation publically.

Earlier, when the two were asked about their relationship, they only kept dodging the questions and tried every possible way to escape from the situation. Alia was also asked during her appearance in a talk show about Ranbir, she had swiftly said “Even if something is going on, I don’t want to accept”.

On the work front, Ranbir is busy promoting his film Sanju and going by the trailer many are saying that the film can prove to be career changer for Ranbir. On the other hand, Alia is celebrating the success of Razzi and her acting is being widely appreciated and applauded. Also, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are working together for the first time for Ayan Mukerji’s upcoming film Brahmastra. They have wrapped up with the first part of the film’s schedule and will soon start with the next part.

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