Jewellery shopping is often equivalent to going from one jeweller to another to search for the desired design and just to compare the making price of the jewellery. Getting the perfect kind of dreamy jewellery could just be one click away.


The jewellery you desire could be one click away but what if you don’t like it once it gets delivered to you? Well, we have taken that concern seriously and hence have come up with the feature of a home trial at your service. Getting to try on the jewellery at your doorstep seems like a better deal than going somewhere.

Many concerns like is online jewellery shopping safe? Or is it wise to do the 22k gold jewellery shopping online?

Here are some pieces of jewellery that are available for home trial and which would help you avoid the total nuisance of offline shopping.

For The Minimalistic Bride

A wedding is equal to a lot of functions, be it sangeet, mehndi ceremony etc. This diamond set is a perfect go-to option for a sangeet, it looks elegant when adorned by one. The combination of yellow gold and diamonds is evergreen and looks beautiful with almost every colour combination and outfit. If getting this one all at once seems too much, you can always get this one on EMI.

The Diamond Wave

Diamonds are certainly every women’s best friend, and so is rose gold a new-found love. Combining the two can definitely be a good idea if someone has a thing for both of it. Sounds like a great idea if you plan to surprise your significant other with this ring by going the classic way to pop the question. Add it to her glass of champagne or wine and there you go; the pretty ring is your way to get her.

Modern Mangalsutra Woes

Every bride wants a mangalsutra that compliments her overall look and personality and so it’s always a good idea if she has an outfit trial along with her jewellery for the big day. This mangalsutra has a modern twist to it and can be later worn by the bride on a regular basis too.

Treat Yourself

Just got promoted? Well, these diamond and pearl front back earrings are a perfect pick for you. The pearls peeking from behind the ear and the shimmering diamond studs are a perfect match and can be worn for your promotion party or even be picked up for an everyday use. Pair it with anything and everything as you can never go wrong with these earrings.

Last minute picks

Your best friend is getting married in a week and you’re done with her jewellery shopping but what about you now? This diamond and gold necklace is a perfect pick for you then. Pair it up with your saree or even a lehenga and you’re ready on the go. This necklace is surely going to make you the talk of the town once you wear it.

Rockrush, an online jewellery store, we have all the services at our customer’s disposal. The home trial of jewellery makes it easier to decide if you really want the piece of jewellery and if it suits you enough that you could go a step further to buy it.