Iulia Vantur’s SHOCKING statement about marriage with Salman! “When two people are in love….”

Romanian diva and Salman Khan’s rumoured girlfriend Iulia Vantur has been making headlines ever since she paved her ways to India. After all, being the ladylove of India’s most loved and sought man has its own perks! Media attention is just a part of it.

Marriage rumours of Salman and Iulia have been doing rounds for quite a while now. Whenever these two are spotted, media goes berserk with that one inevitable question, i.e. “When are they getting married?”

Well, here is a latest update on their wedding and none other than the girl in the question has opened up. During a recent interview for her upcoming song ‘Harjai’, a leading online entertainment portal asked her when we will get to see a ring on her ring finger. Hearing this question even Maneish Paul, her co-star in the song, got very keen to know her answer. He chipped in and said, “Yes, Iulia Vantur, so when do we hear (the announcement)? We really want to know.”

Iulia coyly smiled and laughingly said, “Rings on my finger you would see because I love jewelry.”

On being further provoked to say more, the diva added, “I don’t know when that will happen. Honestly, I am not in a hurry. I have said it before also; I don’t think marriage is necessary, when two people are in love. When two people are really bonding well and they are building something (together) because relationship is not just about a paper. It’s about what you build in time. It’s not about that piece of paper. That doesn’t give you anything. The only guarantee is the commitment that you do.”

Woah! Did she just confirm her relationship with Salman Khan!

Let us also tell you, Iulia also revealed that she would prefer being referred as an individual than Salman Khan’s girlfriend. “As a person who has built her career back in Romania and who was known only for her work, it does not bother me, but I would have preferred to be recognized as an individual, as a person who has own history, background and solid career, you know!”

For the uninformed, Iulia was an established TV presenter in Romania before she made her way to India. While talking about her accomplishments, she said, ““I have worked hard for that. Of course, I understand the fact that people from here, I mean India doesn’t (don’t) know my work. And it’s normal. So, that’s not a problem”

Salman and Iulia are rumoured to be dating from last 4 years. All this while, she has become very close to Salman’s family and is spotted at all family gatherings and parties of the Khan Khandaan. Also, it was none other than Salman Khan who discovered the singer in Iulia and persuaded her to go ahead with singing on a professional level.


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