Jahnvi Kapoor Calling Arjun Kapoor ‘Arjun Bhaiya’, Still Feels Strange..

According to Arjun, he still feels new and strange when listens ‘Arjun Bhaiya’ from Jahnvi and Khushi.

In 2018, after Sridevi passed away, kids of both the families of Boney Kapoor have come closer to each other. So, Arjun is half brother of Khushi and Jahnvi. Nowadays, all four Arjun, Anshula, Jahnvi, and Khushi are seen together at all the events, occasions, get together and all.

Arjun’s Interview

In an interview, Arjun revealed his relationship with Boney Kapoor and the experience when late Sridevi came as a stepmother in his life.

The actor told that he has never told Jahnvi to call him bhaiya. It has come naturally into their normal relationship. He said that Anshula calls him ‘Bhai’ in a very different way. So, listening to ‘Arjun Bhaiya’ is new for me. Arjun Kapoor Opens Up About His Relationship With Girlfriend – “She Knows Me Inside Out”.­

Effect of the second marriage of father- Boney Kapoor

2 states actor, said that the second marriage of his father affected him a lot. He uses to be teased by his classmates in school. ‘How is your new mother?’ and many more questions were asked by him.

Arjun says, that he completely understands that love can happen anytime to anyone. He has no grudges with Boney Kapoor now. But yes, he does not support the decision of his father, leaving her mother Mona Shourie Kapoor.


When Arjun stood by Jahnvi and Khushi

Half-girlfriend actor and his sister Anshula were pillars of support for their half-sisters when Sridevi died and even lend support to their father.

He kept all the past issues aside and stood like a pillar to the family. “You don’t always connect to dots. I reacted to situations the way they happened in real-time. A couple of years now today, it’s easier for people to assess. My mother taught me to be a good human being, to be as decent to other people as possible. At that moment, I felt it right to lend my support in whatever capacity I could and be there to start with for my father. It also meant that we got a chance to know Khushi and Janhvi. The maturity comes from the fact that I have seen life. If my life was shaken and uprooted at one point and if I can stabilize someone else’s to make sure they don’t go through the hell that I did,” he said.

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