Janhvi Kapoor Pays A Visit to Anshula In The Hospital Where Dilip Kumar Has Been Hospitalised

Anshula Kapoor, who’s Arjun Kapoor’s sister and Janhvi Kapoor’s step-sister, got admitted to Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai on June 5. Once source told ETimes, “Anshula had to check her blood pressure and sugar levels. It’s a routine check-up and most probably, she will get discharged either today or tomorrow.” The source tends to be close to Kapoor family.

Janhvi Kapoor was seen visiting her sister at the hospital. She was snapped by the photographers, surrounding the entrance of the hospital premises. She was dressed in a baggy shirt, tie-dye track pants, carrying a blue file of reports. Later the day, Boney Kapoor, was also seen giving a visit to Anshula.
News about Anshula came right after she visited one of her friends in New York. Anshula is an entrepreneur and has been seen participating in helping and fulfilling needs of people in this poor session of COVID-19. She willingly admitted that she never wants to be a part of his filmy family.

Arjun Kapoor, while an interview in a radio station, said, “Me and my sister, Anshula, have sacrificed a lot subconsciously. She looked at my life as hers. She did her course in America and then right away shifted to India so that I don’t get lonely. She runs the house for me so that I can work. My work teaches me that acting karna matlab duniya ko take on karna. You have to live in different places at different times. It’s not easy to live without parents. So I think she sacrificed a lot for me comparing to mine.”

Changing the news track, reportedly, on Sunday morning, Dilip Kumar was admitted to the hospital after experiencing breathlessness. Witnessing a slight drop in oxygen saturation, doctors put him on oxygen support. According to latest reports, Dilip Kumar is stable. “Saab is stable. Thank you for all your heart-felt duas and prayers. As per doctors’ statements, he should be home in 2-3 days,” a tweet said.

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