Janhvi Kapoor Says “Maths Makes You Retarded, I Only Cared About History & Literature”- Read On Here!

Janhvi Kapoor is busy promoting her next – ‘Good Luck Jerry.’ The film is slated to release on July 29, 2022. From social platforms and events to chat shows; Janhvi dominated everything. And, it was during such an interview that a statement made by the young actress got her trolled.

While talking about her favorite subjects and the subjects she hates, Janhvi mentioned mathematics. It was all related up to here. But then, she went on to say that ‘mathematics’ can make one ‘retarded’. This was all for netizens to express their anger. It happened when the Dhadak actress was talking about her favorite subject during the interview. “I only care about history and literature, which I’m good at,” she was quoted as saying. Talking about the things she hates, Janhvi has a strong point. This was enough to make the netizens go against her.

She added, “I don’t understand the point. Aaj tak maine Algebra ka istemaal kiya hi nahi hai toh itna kyu maine sar toda? Like… what was the point? History and literature, on the other hand… it makes you a cultured human. Maths just makes you like retarded.”

Netizens commented, “tmhari IQ check krne ke liye hi zero invent kiya tha,” “Her maths teacher watching this: angry fame emoji,” “The only actress you could take seriously in interviews is Kriti Sanon, she’s an engineer and highly educated, plus she’s very proper, even if you don’t like her acting, you’ll respect her as a human, I’ve yet to see something dumb or controversial from her.”

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