Jay Bhanushali’s Wife Blocked Him On Instagram: Checkout!

Actor Jay Bhansuhali and his wife Mahhi Vij are liked by netizens a lot as they are true couple goals. Their fans see them living the best of their lives as life partners and the best buddies. Jay and Mahhi got married in 2011. The couple welcomed two children via adoption in 2017. After two years, they welcomed their first biological kid, Tara. But now the wifey Mahhi has blocked the husband. Can you guess why? Read on for details!

Jay Bhanushali

Jai Bhanushali’s wife Mahhi Vij blocked him on Instagram

This news is going viral that famous television actor Jay Bhanushali has been blocked by his wife Mahhi Vij on the Instagram photo-sharing app Mahhi Vij Instagram. Jay himself informed the fans about it.

Ask Mahhi to unblock her,”

he told fans. On Tuesday, Jay posted a photo of himself with his daughter Tara and wife Mahhi on his Instagram account. Only then did Mahhi block him. Jay informed about this by posting a video in Insta Story.

Jai Bhanushali and wife Mahhi with their daughter Tara

Jai Bhanushali and his wife Mahhi with their daughter Tara, on this photo Mahhi, had blocked Jay

In a video, when Jay asked Mahhi the reason behind the block, she said, “You always post my bad photos on social media. Don’t do such things anymore.” In his explanation to Mahhi, Jay told her that the netizen had only made good comments on the shared photo. And None of the fans called the photo bad. Jay added that

If I had done that, you would have told me a lot by now. You don’t love me as much as you used to. I would have been accused of having an affair with another girl,” Jay tells her.

Jay requests his fans to message Mahhi to unblock her, as he says in the video. At Jay’s request, some even texted Mahhi. However, Jay later clarified that she did not unblock him.

Jay and Mahhi got married in 2011. Tara is the daughter of these two. Besides, she has adopted two children, Khushi and Rajveer.

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