Jennifer Aniston Reflects On Bidding Adieu To Ellen DeGeneres’ Show After 19 Years: “You’re Gonna Be Missed”

Jennifer Aniston reflects on bidding adieu to Ellen DeGeneres’ show after 19 years: You’re gonna be missed

Jennifer Aniston shared a sweet post for Ellen DeGeneres. To celebrate the ending of her talk show with the 19th season.

Jennifer Aniston shared a recap of all her appearances on Ellen DeGeneres. She talks about the show after being the final guest. As it wrapped up its run with its 19th season. Known to be a close friend to Ellen. Jennifer was also the first-ever guest that DeGeneres hosted. She hosted her show which began in 2003. Aniston shared a sweet post to bid adieu to the show.

Taking to her Instagram account. The Friends star posted a video that showcased a montage of all the times. That she appeared as a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. In the captions, Aniston wrote a heartfelt post as she thanked the comedian. For her show, she managed to entertain the audience for 19 years. She wrote, “19 years. Boy, that went by in a flash. We all need laughter in our lives. And that’s something that Ellen has given to me and the world in spades. Thank you for making dreams come true for so many. You’re gonna be missed.”

The last episode of DeGeneres’ show recently aired on May 26. where Aniston turned up as the final guest. The duo reminisced their first interaction on the show. And Aniston also spoke about what she would want Ellen to take up next. As she bids adieu to her hosting duties.

In the final episode of the 19th season. Jennifer also cracked a joke about her divorce. From Brad Pitt as she revealed how she handled the ending of her iconic sitcom. Friends saying that she got a divorce. And went into therapy following the same. Among other popular celebs who were a part of Ellen’s show’s last episode also included the singer. Pink composed the famed theme song of the show.

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