For the first time, a show that is out and out based on an obsessive lover has been causing a lot of stir in the industry. Everything from its storyline, production quality and overall presentation is on point and that’s the main reason why the audience loves the show.

Maya is a character that will send a chill down your spine. With a mystery surrounding her at all times, Maya is one of the most detailed characters we have ever seen on Indian TV.


Maya is known for is her obsession for the color white. Ever since the show started, Maya has always mesmerized us with her outfits and one thing that’s common in these outfits is that they are all white. But thing are about to change as the show will now take an interesting turn.

Arjun is the only person who can now change her opinions on things and she trusts him blindly. He will gift Maya a beautiful dress that she will be putting on for a romantic sequence under the moonlight. Their time in Mauritius has taken their relationship up a notch and to end this one of a kind sequence, the makers have something special in store.

Maya’s new look is very refreshing.


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