Juhi Parmar Celebtated Her Daughter’s 6th Birthday Bash With A ‘Frozen-Themed’ Party

The mother-daughter bond is quite powerful. A woman’s relationship with her mother affects all other areas of her life. In fact, the connection between a mother and her young girl is one of the most imprinting childhood experiences. As such, mothers teach their girls by example what it means to be a loving, kind woman that grabs life by the horns. Just like this, ‘Kumkum’ actress Juhi shares an emotional but strong bond with her daughter Saimairra.

Well, 2018 was a rough year for Juhi Parmar. Her 8 years marriage ended with  Sachin Shroff. And the journey being a single mother started as Samairra’s custody was fully with Juhi. But brushing all worries aside, the actress never fails to give the most of her love and time to her darling daughter, Samairra.  On January 28, it was her daughter’s birthday. The actress took her Instagram handle to post a beautiful video where the duo was singing a song. Here is the caption she wrote along, with the video,  “A mother was born the day you were born! And believe me when I say its my most favorite role….there’s no prouder feeling than being your mother! The unconditional love, the curiosity, the innocence and all that you bring into my life are the most precious part of my life! Happy 6th Birthday to my little princess! Ginni, Mamma will always love you!”

Juhi also shared a glimpse of the party. She posted a few pictures where she expressed how her family supported her in everything.  she wrote, “When I count my blessings, my little girl you are on top of that list! Watching your excitement from so many days for your special day and then finally being able to enjoy it yesterday, was an overwhelming feeling for your Mamma. Moments from last night are still playing in front of my eyes as I smile and thank the universe for choosing me as your mother! My little princess don’t grow up too fast as I loved the innocence and purity with which you enjoyed every moment yesterday!”. Here are some pictures:

Aashka Goradia is one of those friends of Juhi who not only supported her in her good and bad but also made her realize that her marriage is over.  Juhi shared a picture of her princess with Aashka, she said “The relation these two share is so special! I know my little one was looking for her Elsa and that smile on her face as soon as she saw the most perfect cake was priceless! Thank you Aashu for giving our little Princess this very special cake on her birthday! She’s now counting down to your birthday so that she can make it special for her maasi.”

Aashka also wished Samairra from her Instagram account with this picture. This is what she wrote “Happy Birthday my Princess Sammy @samairratales From this year on you have a lot to discover, your shine will keep everything going. You are so loved that you will never feel a need for anything or anyone. @juhiparmar14 I want to say that you are Sammy’s mommy and daddy too. Love you both so much!”

Well, we hope you had fun in the birthday bash.


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