Let’s stop saying that we don’t care about looks and all. We all care. We want to look beautiful and that is a fact. Its best if you are beautiful from inside but better not underestimate outer beauty. First impression does count. But what if there was something that made you beautiful from inside as well as outside?


Apples– How can we forget that an apple a day is supposed to keep the doctor away. well even better news; it will keep your cosmetics away as well. Applying apple paste on your face will help and moisturizing and evens out the texture. They have vitamin c which makes skin glow. It also helps in reducing dark circles and acne.

Raspberries- Once again, another fruit with vitamin c that would revitalize your skin and make you feel fresh. But the main point is even better. Raspberries are said to be effective against aging!

Papaya- If you are an avid reader about skin hacks and stuff then you already know that this fruit is said to have skin lightening enzymes and being rich in vitamin C, it also makes the skin healthy. Eating papayas help in providing fiber and is rich in antioxidants.

Oranges- You must have noticed that cosmetics products claim to have orange peel and orange residue in their creams and lotions. The reason for this is because orange being a citrus fruit, is really rich in vitamin C and especially because it helps in skin tightening. It boosts the formation of collagen on our skin which is the tightening agent for our skin.

Grapes- We all love to pinch this cute fruit in our moths but cuteness is only one of its benefits. Grapes are considered very good for our skin and health. Its juice helps prevent pimples and scars. It is rich in anti-oxidants and also has anti-inflammatory properties but the best part is that like orange, it helps in making the skin smooth and avoiding wrinkles.

Bananas- Now we have been talking about how vitamin C is vital for our skins but there is another vitamin which is equally, and maybe even more important, and that is vitamin E. All of you with dry skin out know this as any creams that are said to be highly hydrating, definitely contain vitamin E in them. It helps in preventing aging as well. Other things that bananas are rich in are vitamin A and B, iron, magnesium and potassium

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