Hrithik starrer Kaabil where he plays a role of a blind lover and then a revenge taker is all set to hit the screen on the same day when SRK’s Raees is scheduled to be released, i.e. 25th January. In the rat race to get a successful holiday weekend (as the release date is followed by national holiday of republic day) the clash is not a happy one.

It is often said that Roshan’s went to SRK to alter the release date but Khan kept the date intact despite of the warm relations they share. SRK couldn’t further delay Raees as it was supposed to release with Sultan earlier this year. But making the clash uglier, Hrithik’s father, Rakesh Roshan said some ill words about SRK and this clash. ” “I cannot comment on others. But, I wouldn’t have done such a thing. When I plan my release, I check all of it. I checked the slate and saw that there were films in those months and January didn’t have any dates and hence, I decided to release it in Jan 2017.” He also said that two credible actors coming on the same date is unhealthy and both will get burnt but to what extent, we will have to see.

shah-rukh-khan-hrithikNow rising the heat amidst this clash is Hrithik Roshan. In the recently launched trailer of his film Kaabil, he is indirectly threatening SRK. In one of the dialogue he says, “Aa ra hai, darega toh nahi?”. And we all know “Aa raha hu” is the line SRK has been using constantly for his film. So this direct or indirect spat between these films is definitely going to feed our entertainment hunger..

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