Kajol Reveals Ajay Devgn’s Secrets, Talks About His ‘Borderline OCD’- Deets Inside

In an upcoming episode of Into The Wild starring Bear Grylls, Ajay Devgn’s wife, actor Kajol, will be seen revealing that the actor-director has a “borderline OCD.”

Kajol said, “First, let me tell you that there are some secrets that not everyone knows about Ajay. One of them is that he is a fabulous cook. And number two is that he is on edge when he touches something with his fingers. In his opinion, it’s because he just can’t get the smell off his fingers. Whatever that means! Anyway, then … My challenge to him is that he needs to be made to touch and eat the most stinky, disgusting, slimy thing you can imagine, and let me see if it does it justice. ”

n another such message, filmmaker Rohit Shetty said, “Yeh theek nahi kiya boss aapne. Mere ko chhod ke aap Bear ke saath chale gaye! Huh? Ab logon ne itna sara stunt karte hue aapko dekha hai itne saalon se aur wo bhi uss jamane se jab special effects nahi tha. Ek challenge doo? Koi aisi cheez banado jisse aap aur Bear is island se nikal sako. Lekin haan, apni filmon kee tarah yeh bhi ek blockbuster stunt hona chahiye (This is not fair, boss. Why did you ditch me and go with Bear instead? People have watched you performing so many stunts over the years, even at a time when special effects were not available. Now take my challenge – create something that you and Bear can get out of the island. But it should be a blockbuster like our films.). So, all the best.”

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Actor Anil Kapoor wished Ajay Devgn the best of luck for his expedition and also praised Ajay for giving his 100 percent and wishing him all the best. The episode premieres on October 22 on Discovery Plus. Before Ajay, Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth were also seen on their adventures in the wild with Bear Grylls. Vicky Kaushal will be next on the show.

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