Kalki Koechlin 5 Months Pregnant With Boyfriend Guy Hershber’s Baby: Not Ready To Marry Yet

Becoming a mother is one of the biggest happiness for a woman and you definitely feel the stars from the galaxy falling on your feet. But what happens when the world is not as elated with your pregnancy and questions it? Same is the situation being faced by Kalki Koechlin. She is pregnant with her boyfriend Guy Hershberg’s baby without tying any nuptial knot with him and this has raised many questions.

As earlier reported by HT Brunch, the actress has entered her fifth month of pregnancy and has even decided a name for her baby. Now, in a recent interview with Mumbai Mirror, Kalki opened up about Guy Hershberg, his reaction to the pregnancy, and much more. She said that she is with someone who makes her feel calm and stable. She also revealed that her pregnancy was so unplanned, she couldn’t believe it at first and called for another pregnancy test.  When asked if Guy Hershberg was around when they found out about her pregnancy, she said, “Oh yes, and he was jumping with joy.” She further added about Guy, “It’s a process of gradual trust. Ironically, the distance helped us communicate a lot more since we don’t have the luxury of seeing each other every day. He has spent his life teaching children piano so, he’s going to be the disciplinarian, the more experienced parent I feel.” Kalki also shared that she first broke the news to her family, her make-up artiste, a few close friends and her manager and they were all overjoyed and overwhelmed.


While sharing about her pregnancy, Kalki mentioned that the first three months were terrible, however, the second trimester is fun. She adds, “The second trimester is fun. I have energy to work-out and I am cheerful at work. The kicks are amazing. Feels like there’s a little footballer in there!”

When asked if there’s a wedding with Guy Hershberg on the cards,Kalki Koechlin said that they considered getting married for the purpose of parental rights and nationality issue, however she doesn’t wanna rush it because of societal pressures. She further added, “. We will see when the time feels right. It will be a registration and a quiet family gathering.”