Kalki Koechlin Becomes Proud Mother Of Baby Girl;Reveals Daughter’s Name & Shares First Family Photo With Boyfriend Guy Hershberg

It is no news that Bollywood demands a lot of hard work and patience from its flag bearer. From taking various risks, to working overtime, actors have to make hundreds of life changing decisions for a single on screen presence. But being a female actress, well’s it a different story altogether.

Apart from being an integral part of the Indian cinema, female actors also have to make sure to be on their feet all the time as mothers and important decision makers in their families. From being overwhelmed with the news of having another life inside them, to graciously embracing motherhood with their strenuous carrier, they experience a lot of different emotions in the span of nine whole months. One such new member of the ‘Mom gang’ is actress Kalki Koechlin.

Kalki, who shared the news of her pregnancy with her boyfriend, Guy Heshberg, recently embraced motherhood and became a proud parent to her baby girl on 7th February, 2020.

By taking to her social media handle and sharing the escalating news with the world with a photo of two footprints, she wrote, “Please welcome Sappho. Born 07/02/20. She just spent 9 months wrapped up like a momo in my uterus. Let’s give her some space. Thank you for all the good wishes and positive energy pouring in. And respect to all the women who go through the intense and gruesome experience of birth, be it vaginal or c section, so many of whom are not given credit or support for the biggest challenges they face, but are expected to do it out of some kind of duty. The process takes a huge toll both psychological and physical and should have the backing of an entire community to truly heal. And a reminder to each and every human being of where we started, being formed from tiny molecules to conscious, beautiful beings. We are survivors of the biggest battle, the one for life and existence, and should treat ourselves and others with that love and respect. “Some say an army of horsemen or infantry, A fleet of ships is the fairest thing on the black earth, but I say It’s what one loves.” ~Sappho~ circa 600BC.” 


The Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani actress also shared a few first glimpses of her little munchkin, and opened up about the process of giving birth to her. While thanking her doctors for not letting her give up even after 17 hours of struggle, she posted a happy picture with her boyfriend, accompanied by their team of doctors and other staff. Along with them she wrote, “So thankful to the whole team at Tulip Women’s Care and my to doctors @docsheetalsabharwal and @drrvpunjabi who simply refused to give up on me even when after 17 hours I was so tired I begged them to take the baby out any way they could and they said no, you’ve come this far and you’re going to have your natural waterbirth, and an hour later Sappho was born. You guys are miracle workers!” 


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