Kamaal R Khan: “India is The Best Country for Muslims.”

Kamaal Rashid Khan: Some celebrities in Bollywood are always in the spotlight for their controversial statements. Actress Kangana Ranaut Kangana Ranaut, Swara Bhaskar Swara Bhaskar, lyricist Javed Akhtar, Farhan Akhtar, and KrK i.e. Kamaal Khan Krk alias Kamaal Rashid khan can be named in this regard.

Kamaal Rashid Khan

Kamaal Rashid Khan tweets: “India is safe for Muslims, people start coming from Afghanistan.”

Now KRK has come into the spotlight due to another of his statements. A few days ago, he had an affair with his Bollywood brother. Therefore, a complaint was also filed against him in court. But KrK’s controversial statements continue. He has reacted to people who are migrating from Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is currently the topic of discussion around the world. The Taliban have taken control of the country. There is talk of women, senior citizens, children being insecure. They have been seen migrating to different countries for asylum. Many citizens have also started coming to India. Kamaal Khan has given his reaction to that.

He has expressed concern about the people of Afghanistan. What is going on in that country right now, he says, is serious. We care about the Muslims in that country. He goes on to say that India is a country where there is no threat to Muslims. We can name India as the safest country for them. That is the reaction of Kamaal Rashid Khan.

KrK says, “India is a peaceful country.”

Now Muslims from Afghanistan have started coming to India. I am adamant about what I say. India is a peaceful country. There is no threat to Muslims in these countries. A large number of citizens from Afghanistan have started migrating to different countries. It is important to tell them what India is all about. Muslim brothers from Afghanistan are coming to India. The reason is that they know the status of Muslims in India. That is also what Kamaal Khan has said.

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