Manish Naggdev and Srishty Rode were head over heels in love with each other. The couple shared an enviable bond and as per reports Srishty’s growing closeness to Rohit Suchanti when they were inside Bigg Boss house was the main reason behind their breakup. But there was no official confirmation from both of them until yesterday. Manish Naggdev took the bold step and wrote an open letter stating that Srishty was the one to break up. But first let us tell you what Kamya Panjabi, Manish’s close friend has to say about this.

In an interview with SpotBoye, Kamya revealed that Manish was getting anxiety attacks after Srishty broke up with him. She was quoted as saying, “Well, I am glad that he spoke about it. It is always better than you get the load off the chest, Else, it can have adverse effects on you. Ask me, jis par beetti hai, uski ko malum. I myself was in severe depression for 2 years.”

She had further added, “I am headed to Manish’s house. He is not in good shape. Imagine it (Manish and Srishty’s breakup) happened over just a phone call!.” Elaborating further about the phone call, the 39-year-old actress added, “This phone call happened 4 days after Srishty came out of Bigg Boss 12. She simply told him that she’s detached, which clearly meant ‘it’s all over between us’.”

She also shared that not only Manish but his family is also disturbed after the separation. She said, “Srishty and Manish had even had done a roka. It was all official. They were so close. It was such a family affair. They also are in a state of shock.”

On being asked if Manish’s allegations on Srishti that she had used him for professional and personal gains are true. She said, “That is not for me to answer. Manish would be the right person to divulge more on this. Lekin sach poocho, it’s good that they broke up now and not after marriage. It would’ve then disturbed Manish far more; he’s a very sensitive and loyal person. No. But I did tell him that he needs to overcome the break-up, even if it demanded counselling. Do you know Manish was getting anxiety attacks?”

Coming back to the open letter that Manish wrote, Manish had written, “PICHLI BAAR PYAAR MEIN LIKHA THA IS BAAR HOSH MEIN LIKH RAHA HOON. My dear fans, supporters, and followers must be wondering about my silence about my personal life in the last few months and ow while reading this you must be curious why? So let me tell you- I decided to express my feelings about the anguish I have gone through openly today despite being expected to “man-up” and stay silent because even if some people think I am stupid to talk about it please don’t forget MEN-JUST LIKE WOMEN HAVE DEEP FEELINGS.”

He had further added, “I have reached my tipping point today and I am tired of avoiding my families, friends and fans. I didn’t speak to you before about this because I was still unsure until recently about the status of my relationship with my partner. But what can I do? She hadn’t given me a proper closure after a 4-year relationship in which I involved her in every aspect of my life, family and my personal career. She had broken up with me over a phone call and when I had asked her if we could talk about it face to face, she replied saying, “I am at the peak of my career I don’t wish to be in this relationship anymore and as it is I am detached, what is left to talk about?. That was a sudden shock to me. How could my fiance break the relationship which was heading towards marriage over a single phone call? After that, there was complete silence from her forever. Don’t you think the least I deserve was a proper closure?”

Kamya Punjabi’s revelations on Manish and Srishty’s breakup comes as another shocker for us. What do you guys think?.