Kanchi Singh EXPLODES; says most controversial things about Hina, Karan Patel and others!

Looks like, the entire televille is hooked to this season of Bigg Boss. From Karan Patel, Anita Hassanandani, Guahar Khan to Hina Khan’s co-stars – all of them are ardently following this season and discussing the same on Twitter as well. Karan Patel made headlines for his evident dislike and controversial statements for Hina Khan. Guahar Khan too had lashed out on Hina after she made some nasty remarks in the show. While majority of the television industry is against Hina, her co-star from Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Kanchi Singh has come in her support. In an interview with an online entertainment portal, the actress broke silence and spoke at length about Bigg Boss 11.



Hina Khan has earned the title of ‘Villain of the house’ – all thanks to her arrogance, hypocrisy and cunningness. In fact, she is said to be the most hated contestant of this season. When asked about chatter about Hina Khan on social media, Kanchi wondered why everyone is targeting only Hina. “Why are people targeting her, and that too so much? It is so easy to sit in judgment and so difficult to be in that house.

If Hina even cries inside the house, people make fun of her. But baba, she is only venting her emotions. In fact, this all so much proves that she is a real person. I think people are imagining her as Akshara of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. For Pete’s sake, HIna is not Akshara in real life. Hina’s detractors should be put inside Bigg Boss house and then asked if Hina was indeed wrong,” she said.

“And, Hina was wrong in saying that South filmmakers need bulging heroines, particularly the way she said it.

But kaun doodh ka dhula ha andar? Toh har contestant galti karega, aur kar raha hai. Didn’t Shilpa Shinde say that Marathi actors are very egoistic, but was she castigated for that? No, na? Then why HIna only, and as I said, woh bhi itna sara? I am not saying that Hina was right and Shilpa was wrong. Both were wrong, but all I am saying is that why weigh them in different scales?” she added.

Kanchi also talked about Karan Patel’s distasteful words for Hina. “ don’t know Karan, but whatever he said was not in good taste. Karan should mind his language. I would never speak like that in my life. It is not necessary for him to like Hina— but he should choose his words before opening his mouth. Kisike pichvade mein dum hai kya? Didn’t he say that? Is that the way anybody should talk?” she whined.

Kanchi sounded like Hina’s spokesperson and left no stones unturned to say good things about her. When asked about Hina’s disparaging remarks against Arshi Khan, Kanchi supported Hina by saying, “Have you heard what all Arshi said? If someone says such things about me, would i keep quiet? No, I wouldn’t. I think Hina tried her best to keep her cool, but after a point…”

Hina declared herself the winner of Bigg Boss and on that, Kanchi said, “God, that’s only her self-confidence. Why are Hina’s virtues not being seen? She has not abused even once inside the Bigg Boss house, she has not spoken ill about her colleagues’ families. And while Bigg Boss has been criticising her color, weight and few other things- she has stood tall and fought. Let me give you one concrete example of Hina’s realness.”

“Hina is like my elder sister and I respect her immensely. If not Hina, Shilpa should win Bigg Boss 11. That’s that,” she concluded.

Well, Kanchi also bumped into Hiten Tejwani recently and this is what he told her “Kanchi, don’t even ask how tough it is to be locked inside the Bigg Boss house.”


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