Kangana Ranaut Reacts To Old Pics Of Star Kids, Says “Movie Mafia Karan Johar Shouldn’t Say Outsiders Aren’t As Good Looking”

Kangana Ranaut has taken it upon herself to fight the industry and is standing tall in bashing everyone who is supporting nepotism. On several occasions, Kangana Ranaut has called upon the industry for being run by some particular gangs and even calling Karan Johar the flag bearer of nepotism, the snooty Bollywood biggie who is intolerant to outsiders. She remembers him going on scale and calling out that it’s not his fault that outsiders aren’t as good looking and talented as the star kids. To this Kangana has responded with a throwback picture of the star kids and how they looked before entering the industry.

Kangana Ranaut Reacts To Old Pics Of Star Kids, Says "Movie Mafia Karan Johar Shouldn't Say Outsiders Aren't As Good Looking"

Yesterday, Kangana took to her twitter handle and shared some old and unglamorous picture od star kids like Alia Bhatt, Sonam Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan and Sonakshi Sinha. Kangana said that she isn’t body shamng anyone but giving a realtity check to Bollywood mafia who claimed that outsiders are not good looking. Kangana’s tweet reads, “Some people saying it’s body shaming no it’s not, it’s a reality check for movie mafia people like Karan Johar who went on record to say if outsiders arnt as good looking and talented as star kids it’s not his fault, people must wake up to their crude brain washing.” Check out the post below:

Kangana Ranaut tweet old pictures of star kids to show karn Johar that start kids aren't good looking as well

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Many agreed with Kangana Ranaut, while a few also pointed out how what she is saying is right, but it is, indeed body-shaming. One of the users wrote, “Takes a lot of grooming and maybe some surgery to look the way to they do when the enter films but they pretend they are born with it. The audicity if these people,” while another user wrote, “This is Bodyshammimg. Rest I’m agree that that’s completely wrong ki only Starkids are good looking like we common people are talented and good looking as well but we also can’t say that this isn’t Bodyshammimg. Talents speak more than good faces.” Take a look at the comments:

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