Kangana Ranaut Says Kiara Advani Praised Her But Many In Bollywood Don’t Due To ‘Their Own Insecurities’

Kangana Ranaut has said that while many in Bollywood do not praise her due to ‘their insecurities’, others do not refrain. She gave the example of Kiara Advani, who she recently met.

Actor Kangana Ranaut has said that a lot of people in Bollywood refrain from praising her work because of their insecurities. However, the actor said that many people do like her work and gave the example of Kiara Advani, who, she said, praised her. Kiara and Kangana recently met at Arpita Khan Sharma’s Eid party and clicked a selfie together as well. Both the actors are awaiting the release of their upcoming films on the same day. Kangana’s Dhakad and Kiara’s Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 release on May 20.

Kangana has often been at loggerheads with several members of the film industry. The outspoken actor is known to be forthright in her opinion about the industry and she believes that is something that has not won her many friends there.

  • Talking to Siddharth Kannan, Kangana said people in the film industry are hesitant to praise her. She said, “These people don’t want to praise me. Sometimes, I feel there is no lobby but people have a lot of their insecurities. The other day, Kiara met and she praised me. She said to watch both the films (Dhakad and Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2) and this and that. I don’t think there is pressure. I always say everyone is a feminist till they see a woman rise. Phir thoda sa hurt hota hai (It hurts a bit). I went to a Bollywood party (Arpita Khan’s Eid bash). Every person at the party was only talking about the trailer. When you are so impressed by a trailer–all of you–why is it so hidden then?”

The actor also said that she, however, is ‘always the first one’ to praise others’ work. “Whenever I see some work, whether it is RRR or Pushpa, I praise it. I was the first one to praise The Kashmir Files. I was the first one to praise Kriti Sanon for Mimi. I’m always the first one. There is no work, which I like and I don’t praise. It’s not like I’ll do ‘Arre wah wah’ for every film that’s coming. But it touches my heart and it’s good to work, I praise it,” she said.

Kangana is set to be seen in Dhakad, her first female-led spy action thriller. The film, directed by Razneesh Ghai, also stars Arjun Rampal and Divya Dutta in pivotal roles.

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