Kangana Ranaut Targets Hrithik Roshan, Says “My Ex Live In His Father Funded House, I Build My Own Space”

Kangana Ranaut has cut her own place in an industry that smells of benefit and nepotism. Standing tall against a few industry biggies, including her ex Hrithik Roshan, she has come to her meaningful conclusions exceptionally clear. Here, in a meeting, which she gave a month ago, she had uncovered it about how Hrithik attempted to malign her by marking her as a gold digger to his companions and why she’s currently drawn towards material aspirations.

Talking about the same, Kangana shares, “When I look back at my journey, I do feel proud but at the same time, I’d say that when I started off, I didn’t have any material ambitions. It’s only a few years ago when I had a fallout with one of my exes (Hrithik Roshan) and the whole legal case happened, I remember it became a discussion that I’m from a small town, I’m after his money. It was like that and girls are judged on that basis. I started to think on those lines ever since. Maybe being a woman, I don’t look at money but am I looked at like that from an outside perspective that I’m a gold digger from a small town? It’s something that is so obnoxiously said to you that it can change the course of your life. So then, it became about material things.”

She further adds, “Today, I can proudly say that my ex lives in a rented house funded by his father and I have bought my house and office space on my own.” The Queen actress reasons, “It gave me a perspective that maybe, I have a fair chance in the society if I’m somebody like that. If he said to his friends, “Oh, she’s only after my money,” I didn’t know how to prove that it wasn’t it. In a relationship, how does one who doesn’t have such possessions, comes from a small town with a humble background, have no chance of love, dignity! That person suddenly doesn’t have a say in this world of nepotistic materialistic people. Then, I thought I’m going to have the best house anyone will have, best office and by the age of 50, I also will be one of the richest people in India. That’s what I’ve just decided.”

Earlier, the queen of Bollywood also revealed details of her relationship with him. Pointing to the facts and reality, Kanagana stated: “Once Javed Akhtar had called me to his house and told me that Rakesh Roshan and his family are very big people. If you don’t apologise to them, you will have nowhere to go. They will put you in jail, and eventually, the only path would be that of destruction…you will commit suicide. These were his words. Why did he think if I don’t apologise to Hrithik Roshan, I would have to commit suicide? He shouted and yelled at me. I was shaking in his house.”

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