Kangana Ranaut has been very vocal and that has landed her in several controversies. However, a past interview of hers around a year before coronavirus struck the world is now going viral. She had talked about not wanting to be Chinese in an interview and the host responded with a mention of Chinese invasion. Although the actress was only taking a jibe at Ranbir Kapoor who refused to make any statement about India, this past video is certainly shocking all her fans.

Kangana Ranaut

It all happened during an interview with Mid-Day when Kangana Ranaut was justifying her statement at Ranbir Kapoor, who had then said that he’s not aware of what’s going in the country because he lives a luxurious life. “So, the thing is that this sort of disassociation ki ‘I live a luxurious life and I can’t talk about the country’ but the country is, India is my life. You like it or not, it is my life. If I like it good for me, if I don’t like it, it is any way my life. Now, what is happening with the Indian borders is I have a house in Manali. I don’t want to be Chinese, I should be concerned, isn’t it? I am so close to China,” said Kangana. Watch the video below:

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Sharing this old video, a user wrote, “Never forget that Kangana Ranaut talked about a Chinese invasion in March 2019 and certain section of the media thought she was being paranoid and hysterical. Her fear came true in a way almost a year later.”

The official Twitter account of Kangana Ranaut’s team reposted the video saying, “Last year Kangana explained the importance of nationalism and right role models and why we should be concerned about our borders and support our army fighting for us there. Always ahead of time.”

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