Every new piece of information about the Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan controversy sells like hotcakes. As we dig deep, there are many secrets that open up as the stars have started taking off the peels. A number of things, be it the open letters, photoshopped pictures, social media posts and leaked emails surface on the internet which stir the industry. The industry has parted sides to support the star they feel is the right one. Most of the people are leaning towards Hrithik Roshan while Queen Kangana’s sister is the one who’s in her support throughout.

Digging into the old archives of this battle that has spanned quite a number of years, a letter was found on a regional forum by Kangana’s school friend and now established author and poet— Dr Bondina Elangbam. Some while ago, Kangana had launched her friend’s book Between the Poet and her Pencil, and the two are still pretty close.

In this letter, her friend gives an insight into the Kangana Ranaut people never knew, before she hit stardom and was just an aspiring commoner who eventually rose to fame with her hard work. Dr Bondina penned this letter in May ’16 and supported her friend’s cause amidst the mudslinging and messy controversy.

Here’s the letter:

Recently, there has been quite a bit of talk about Kangana Ranaut’s life. To add, I would also like to take the opportunity of the so called ‘social media’ and share my personal experiences. I have known Kangana Ranaut from a very long time. We were classmates as well as roommates in Chandigarh during school days. Kanu (as I call her) was a quiet person but very smart and confident girl. Since she came from a Hindi medium school, the first few months was a little difficult for her to adjust at the new school (D.A.V. Model School, Sec15A). I was also very timid and it was also again a completely different environment for me as I come from Manipur (North-Eastern Region of India). Both Kangana and I struggled in the new school, but it was a lot harder for her since she had to converse everything in English. I never had any issues with the language, except for the food part, which disappeared with the prolonged stay. Kangana was a medical student and I was an arts student. But she would often ask about my subject and appreciated my work as an artist. Back then, even though we were kids, we were aware of our liking/passion. When we discussed about our future/career she would encourage me to do more sketches and also advised me to take up painting as a profession. She was interested in modelling but never thought of acting as a career (back then). She would do mimicry during the short break after our daily study time and I remember asking her once whether she would think of acting as a career, she replied, “nahi, acting toh nahi” (no, not acting), then I asked her again, “Suppose you get an offer from Yash Raj?” that time she smiled and told me, “tab mein dekhungi” (then I’ll see), but neither she nor I in our wildest dream had any clue about her present stardom. I have never seen nor met anyone as hardworking as her. She would study for hours together, overcame her language barrier (English), and passed the 12th finals with distinction. I remember her as a very straightforward and a good human being. Such a thoughtful person Kangana was, she used to bring home cooked meals for us (I still crave for her father’s biryani) when she comes back from her short stay at home. She is a very caring friend. After class 12th we all drifted apart but always kept in touch through phone calls and emails (even after she entered Bollywood). We don’t talk often because of the distance and our respective schedules but we never forgot each other. In April 2015 Kangana invited us (the three roommates) for a reunion at Chandigarh. It was a sweet and short stay but a memorable one. We hung out like good old days with the QUEEN of Bollywood.I don’t follow much of Bollywood but I do hear stories about other actors but just like a soft breeze that blows near my ears. I read all the articles written about her and also watched the interviews (since she is someone very close to my heart, my friend). That’s when I understood the whole scenario. Her success was the main problem, “some” people couldn’t take it lightly. It is very easy for “some” people who are intimidated with her success to point daggers at her but CANNOT bleed her because she is an iron lady. Whenever Kangana moves ahead in life, it is very unfair to judge anyone based on the perspective of some people’s stories. How much truth is embedded in their stories? I know her in and out, how kind she is. An actor who still keeps in touch with her old school friends and spares time to meet them, who has not forgotten her roots, CANNOT be a “psychopath”, a “wh*re”, a “witch”. She has guarded herself with her confidence and success and no one can take that away from her. She is a woman who stands up for herself. KANGANA RANAUT is self made (I have seen her evolved from a school girl to this reigning Queen of Bollywood). I admire her courage and go-for-a-kill attitude. You inspire so many, Kanu keep breaking the barriers.

As written by Dr. Bondina Elangbam.

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