Air India is planning to issue a warning to Kapil Sharma this for misbehaving and disrespecting his fellow passengers. While the argument took place between the actors of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ they were on board on an Air India flight (A1 309). All this started with a small argument between Chandan (the chaiwala on The Kapil Sharma Show) in which Sunil Grover intervened in between which ultimately gave rise to a big argument between Kapil Sharma and all other team members.

kapil-sharma-7593Even after the warning being given again and again Kapil Sharma did not calmed down. Even an old lady who was the fellow passenger was getting disturbed but Kapil Sharma refused to calm down. Finally, the pilot had to come and warn him , reportedly Kapil came to India sleeping most of the times.

Now, AI chief Ashwani Lohani has planned to issue a serious warning to Kapil Sharma about his indecent and unacceptable behavior, the nature on warning is not yet finalized but but will surely be issued by this week. Even Raju Srivastav will try to resolve the conflict as he has said “When I spoke to Kapil, he told me these things (fights) keep happening and it will be sorted soon. But I told him it was pretty serious this time. I’ve offered to sit down with both of them to end the matter. I still have to get in touch with Sunil since he is not in Mumbai. We are planning to meet this Saturday,” but the Saturday has gone and there is no information about any such meeting happening.

While all of this is going on the show and the careers of all of these actors are majorly at stake. Sony channel is trying to bridge the gap between all of them but it does seem to be happening but the question is will all this lead to the drainage of The Kapil Sharma Show.

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