Comedian-actor Kapil Sharma is in news for a long time now. A couple of things made him be in limelight all through this year. Earlier, it was about his in-flight spat with Sunil Grover. Later, it went on to his team members leaving the show, followed by the falling TRPs of his show, him getting ill and the show eventually going off air. While professionally, Kapil’s show had a really bad time, personally also, it was a tough time for Kapil.

Kapil shared in public that he was addicted to alcohol so badly that he had to take this long break from work. Meanwhile, he was in Bangalore at a health centre with his team where he was working to get rid of this addiction. Now Kapil is finally back fit and healthy. Kapil’s upcoming movie Firangi has been in news too. The movie is being directed by Kapil’s friend Rajiev Dhingra. Set back in the 1920’s, the movie is a mix of comedy and romance.

Another thing that made news this year was Kapil’s relationship with Ginni Chatrath. Kapil and Ginni know each other for last 10 years and have been in love for long. They used to go to college together in Jalandhar. Kapil made it official by sharing a picture with Ginni on Twitter and captioned it, “Will not say she is my better half .. she completes me .. love u ginni .. please welcome her .. I love her so much. :)”

As soon as he posted this, reports of Kapil and Ginni getting married started doing rounds. A source shared something about their marriage plans. They said, “There is a lot of pressure from the two families. Ginni’s parents are keen that the couple makes their relationship official. Kapil’s mother also wants him to marry Ginni, whom she has grown fond of. Ginni had promised to consider marriage only after Kapil cleaned up his act. Now, that the stand-up comedian is completely off alcohol and in a much more relaxed frame of mind, he too seems to be in the mood to take the plunge.”

Recently, Kapil was asked about his marriage plans. He said, “Yes, I am getting married to Ginni and she is the love of my life. I have known her for 10 years since my college days in Jalandhar. I used to go to her college to do stand-up comedy. I fell in love with her first, then my mother fell in love with her and that’s when I felt I should make it official. She not only completes me but is my better half.”

Kapil is currently promoting his upcoming movie Firangi that is set to release on November 24, 2017.

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