Yes, you read it right! The Kapil Sharma Show is going off air anytime soon. After his in-flight rift with Sunil Grover, everything changed. Reportedly, Kapil Sharma abused Sunil in front of everyone and also threw his show at him.

Post this, Sunil Grover walked out of the show. Other members of the show, Chandan Prabhakar, Sugandha Mishra and Ali Asgar also left along with him. Though Kapil Sharma apologised for his act, Sunil remained cold and stubborn on his decision of not coming back.

A few days back when The Kapil Sharma Show completed 100 episodes, Kapil thanked all his members for the success of the show. Sunil too, thanked the show and channel for giving him such a big platform.

Now recent reports suggest that the show will soon go off air because Sony doesn’t wish to renew the contract with The Kapil Sharma Show. A source shared, “The makers are definitely not ready to pay Rs 107 crore for a show which is getting them nothing. Kapil might negotiate but the channel heads are shocked. Either Kapil has to get back Sunil and Ali, else his show stands scrapped. The latter is most likely to happen because Grover and Asgar are not ready to budge from their stand.”


The viewership of the show has gone down through these weeks and Sunil’s exit is a big reason behind it.

“They are planning to invest in Sunil now for a different show altogether. Ever since the fight happened, even rival channel Colors (who have a long standing issue with Kapil) has approached Sunil for a show but he has not signed anything. Sony has rights to his characters — Rinku bhabi and Dr Mashoor Gulati— and they also earn a chunk of money from his live shows where he performs in his avatars…So they might have a show with these characters,” said source.

The Kapil Sharma Show has a huge fan following and this news is surely disappointing for all of them. We still wish Sunil Grover to join back the team L

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