Kapil Sharma’s abusive call recording OUT, slams reporter for spreading fake news

Well, all is not okay with Kapil Sharma. In between his abusive tweets, he went on to slam and abuse Spotboye Editor Vickey Lalwani. It all started when Kapil was defending actor Salman Khan, who is currently convicted for the blackbuck poaching case. However, he further started slamming media houses for spreading fake news. Now couple that with lots of abuses and demeaning remarks. While the series of Tweets by Kapil was deleted very soon by his team, Kapil didn’t shy away from coming forward and sharing that it was only him writing all those tweets.

What further took the entire story down was Vickey Lalwani’s story on his portal Spotboye. Vickey brought forth the entire conversation with Kapil on the portal and shared how Kapil abused and threatened him of spreading fake news about him. Though Kapil’s tweets for Vickey spoke loud of his anger for him, it didn’t stop there. This conversation between Vickey and Kapil has left us all in a daze.

In the conversation, clearly, Kapil Sharma slammed Vickey of spreading negativity about him. Kapil said, “I have always seen your articles. I also read you telling me regarding Firangi that I am a zero actor. Why you writing so negatively about me? Is there any particular reason?”

The conversation went on to Vickey telling him about his cancellation of shoot with actor Rani Mukerjee. Kapil went on to say, “Do you know that I was offered Yash Raj’s Bank Chor, and I had refused it because I didn’t like the offer. The film went on to become a flop. Why didn’t you ever write about that? Do you take money, Vickeyji? If you want money, come to me. Kutte ki tarah kyun likhte ho?”

While Vickey kept asking Kapil to not talk to him this way, Kapil went down to using more abuses and threats. He went on to saying, “Bhad**, mad**ch*d. Teri beti mere saath sona chahti hai. Likh na uske baare mein, woh bhi new bikegi.”

The Kapil Sharma story has hit a new long and we are stunned to hear the entire telephonic conversation between the two. The conversation was also interrupted by Kapil’s friend Gurjot. Listen to the entire conversation here:

Ever since Kapil had a brawl with Sunil Grover last year, he has been having a tough time. Both Kapil and Sunil were in news last year for their mid-flight fight and it worsened with time. Recently, Kapil and Sunil also had a Twitter war and it further made their fight take an ugly turn. Kapil Sharma has a huge fan following and surely all of them must be in a state of shock currently. Kapil has garnered a lot of limelight in this last year because of his absurd tweets and this is further adding to the phase he is passing through. He was said to be suffering from depression and severe alcoholism after his show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ went off the air. Ever since then, he has never been witnessed in a good light. We wonder what is really happening! Kapil was accusing media of defaming him and what he just did will bring him bring him nothing short of it. It is just making us become hysterical and we feel like screaming to know what’s going on!


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