Kapoor Family Celebrates The Inauguration Of ‘Surinder kapoor chowk’ In Mumbai; Arjun, Sonam and Jhanvi Kapoor Honour their Grandfather

How many times when Bollywood actors have taken forward their ancestral legacies, without any fail. From being introduced due to their influential bloodlines, to establishing their names in the industry, many actors and performers have successfully carried forward their family names and won the hearts of millions.

One such family, whose members are still renowned among the Indian cinema for their exceptional acting and directing skills, is the Kapoor Family. Though the family is now on the charts because of some very popular names that are known to all; Anil kapoor, Boney Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Jahanvi Kapoor and many more, it initially came into limelight with only two names; Surinder Kapoor and Prithviraj Kapoor.

Belonging from a Punjabi Hindu family from Peshawar, Surinder Kapoor’s only aim before coming to Mumbai was to create his niche in the film industry and establish himself as a successful personality.  By becoming the president of the Film & Television Producers Guild of India from 1995 to 2001, and getting honored with the Shri L V Prasad Phalke award in 2009 by The Dada Saheb Phalke Academy, he made sure to achieve everything before taking his last breath in 2011.Though he was blessed with four extremely talented children, who did, and still are doing a great job of honoring his name; Boney Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Sanjay Kapoor and Reena Kapoor Marwah, it was only recently when he was properly honored with a gift that no one would ever forget.

February 6, 2020, was marked to be a special day for the Kapoor clan as a chowk in Mumbai got named after the late film producer. While almost all members of the family came to unveil ‘Surinder Kapoor chowk’, it was through Arjun Kapoor’s post, that we got a glimpse of the happy day. While sharing few glimpses from the unveiling ceremony on his social media handle, where the actor wrote, “He came to this city with my grandmother not knowing what the future holds for him. He was maybe an outsider to this industry but he carved his way through from being an assistant in Mughal-E-Azam to having his kids and grandchildren continue his production his legacy and his family name ahead… thank you to all the people of Chembur to make this chowk a reality… our family strives to entertain all of you because my grandfather made his to this profession today we are privileged and yes we perhaps have a surname that is known but for our family it started in Mumbai with my grandfather Surinder Kapoor.”

Sonam Kapoor too, posted some pictures and a Boomerang with the caption, “At unveiling of the Chowk named for my grandfather SURINDER KAPOOR. With my amazing loving and mad family. Love you all… missed some of you. “

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