Karan Arjun actress Mamta Kulkarni in a 2000 crore scam, read full story here

You all know Mamta Kulkarni as the popular actress of the 90s. Her life has always been revolving around controversies and this time it has gone a little too far as the actress has been accused in a 2000 crore scam.

Mamta was a popular actress of her times and was the first one to work with all the three Khans. She gave a number of memorable performances during her time. Meanwhile, she has run away with drug lord Vicky Goswami. The two have been declared as offenders by the special court.

Special Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) court judge H M Patwardhan said,”It is pronounced and declared that accused Vicky Goswami and Mamta Kulkarni are proclaimed offenders. The immovable properties belonging to the accused be attached”.

Further reports suggest that the Thane police raided Avon Lifesciences in Solapur last year and they seized around 18.5 tonne of ephedrine which costed around 2,000 crore. The police stated that ephedrine was diverted from Avon Lifesciences to a Kenya-based drug cartel which was lead by Mamta’s husband Vicky Goswami. Mamta is equally involved in the entire scam and has been helping Vicky to expand his network.