Karan Has A Lot To Say But Feels Restricted: “I’m Done Offending People”

Karan Johar said that he “had finished offending people.” The filmmaker, who will host a comedy act on Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming One Mic Stand: Season 2 series, said he just wants to put his energy into film-making for now.

Karan Johar had gotten into controversies several times in the past. While his talk show Koffee With Karan was once famous for controversial comments from him and his guests, he also took part in a barbecue for the now-defunct comedy collective AIB that got into legal trouble.

While speaking about his upcoming comedy act, Karan told that he has been censoring himself due to the worry of the ramifications that would follow. “While I have massive bubbles in my head about so many things, I can’t articulate it. There are so many things I want to say in my set-piece (on the show) but I feel very restricted and not for any other reason but because I believe I will offend someone somewhere and I really don’t want to because I am done with offending people. I just want to focus on just making my movie without any drama around me. I really feel the need to curb and curtail a lot of what I’m wanting to say. That is the only thing that actually saddens me more than anything else because I believe I can take a joke on myself but I know a lot of others can’t,” he said.

Karan added that Film Brotherhood is sensitive and has no sense of humor. When asked if he had taboo topics that he didn’t talk about, he said that anything that wasn’t about him was taboo.

“So I’m going to talk about I, me, myself (on the show). It’s a little bit of a megalomaniac set piece. Of course, I say this because I’m actually poking a lot of fun at myself, it’s like a self-roast, I think because I’m so worried about talking about anything else. It’s fine, it’s okay because we are going through an anxiety-ridden time in the world because of the pandemic and I don’t want to add to any more noise than there already is. So I’m saying the safest person is, ‘Let me offend myself.’ Because I’m not filing an FIR on myself,” he added.

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In the promo launched earlier this month, Karan took the stage poking fun at her scripts. He said that when he asked his mom if he needed botox, his mom told him that his script needed the botox injection instead of him.

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