Sumeet Vyas and Karan Kundra were recently shooting for an episode of the web series Stupid Man Smart Phone when the duo got into a major fight. The series is an Indian adaptation of the British show by the same name. The reality show displays Sumeet and a celebrity guest dropped into a different treacherous location for each episode where they have to survive only with smart phones and internet access sans any training.
So, Sumeet and Karan were shooting in the forests of Arunachal Pradesh and their task was to reach a monastery. Sumeet, who is the host of the show, took out his phone and started looking for maps. It turned out that there were two routes to reach the monastery. That’s when the argument began.

Sumeet wanted to go for the longer route as he hoped to find monks who could guide them whereas Karan was adamant to take the shorter route. After a much heated discussion, the duo decided to part and go their own ways.
While Karan was travelling on his chosen way, he spotted a monk and realised that he is on the right way and is close to the monastery. He could have made things easy for Sumeet by informing the same, but he didn’t. Instead, he made it more difficult for Sumeet by playing a prank to mislead him.
Karan took to his social media handle and posted an update that he was lost and had reached the wrong destination. On the contrary, Sumeet was still lost in the forest.
But when Sumeet finally reached the destination and got to know about the prank played by Karan, he blasted on him (for obvious reasons). Both the hunks lost control and soon were in an ugly war of words. The crew had to finally intervene to calm them down.
Well, Karan, why so mean? :/

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