Today Karan Patel is counted amongst the biggies of Indian television industry with his leading role in much popular daily soap Ye Hain Mohabbatein. Popularly known as Raman Bhalla (character played by him the serial), Karan Patel has successfully paved way to the hearts of audience and created a massive fan base.

karan and kamya

In the earlier years of his television career, his love affair with yet another television actress, Kamya Punjabi was well known. Everyone in the TV industry knew about the former love birds’ relationship. However it came as a shock when the so-much-in-love couple parted their way for the reasons best known to them.

While Karan Patel went on to marry Ankita Bhargava, Kamya has remained single since then. Recently, during a conversation with an online entertainment portal, Kamya Punjabi spoke revealed the real reason behind her separation with Karan Patel. She revealed that Karan had a secret affair while he was already dating Kamya. “He simply walked out on me when my world revolved around him. Without my knowledge, he was having an affair”, she said,

karan patel wedding with ankita bhargava She even disclosed the fact that this unexpected heartbreak led her to severe depression which she overcame with time. Kamya further confessed that she has become a bit bitter in life and doesn’t easily allow anyone to get close to her after the break up. She is very much single and no one’s in horizon, she said.

Well, best things take time to happen! Best wishes!

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