Karan Patel’s Birthday Wish For Ankita Bhargava Will Make You Teary-Eyed

By Khushi Kabra

August 18, 2018

So, it is Ankita Bhargava’s 38th birthday today and from the looks of it, the actress is having quite a gala time on her birthday. Karan made sure to make her day special and that can be seen in the picture shared by him on Instagram. Ankita and Karan got married in 2015 in an arranged marriage setup and since then the two are madly in love. They have been married for three years now, but their social media feed makes one believe as if they met few months back.

Karan Patel who is always by her side has the sweetest birthday message for his wife. He wrote a beautiful caption for his ladylove which reads as, “You’re the reason for my smile, to find you it did take me a while, but now that i have found you, i aint letting you go, and this im sure you already know …! Happy birthday jaan …. love you beyond words can express …. @ankzbhargava but this does not mean im ready for selfies.”

Even Ankita took to Instagram and on her 38th birthday shared the most beautiful post you would come across the internet today. She wrote, “It’s my bday… And for the 1st time in my life, I wanted to celebrate like there is no tomorrow… For U and For Us Both. God Can be as hard as he wants on us But with each passing year We have stood tall against smallest and biggest of all hardships cos We r each other’s backbone! When I’m weak U stay strong and when u Waver I Hold U still…! And that my love is our reason to celebrate! Kyun ki Haar ke jeetne wale ko hi Baazigar Kehte hain! #happybirthdaytous. I love you like I have never loved before”.

A while back, a news came that Ankita Bhargava, who was four months pregnant, has suffered a miscarriage.  The unfortunate incident was confirmed by Ankita’s father in June. And later their spokesperson had released an official statement confirming the news saying Karan and Ankita need time to cope with it.