Kareena Kapoor Khan Opens Up On Sending Taimur To Boarding School: The Life We Have In The Movies Might Push Us

Despite the fact that Taimur is a two-year-old kid, Taimur is a star now. Taimur’s popularity and how paparazzi wait to get one good click of him. Taimur has outlived his superstar parents’ stardom and now Saif Ali Khan’s and Kareena’s every interview turns into Taimur Ali Khan’s chitchat session. Without even a single screen presence Taimur has a huge fan base drooling over him and there are several fan pages dedicated to him. And his immense popularity does bother his star parents.

Talking about her viewpoint on Taimur’s future education Kareena had revealed to Romedy Now’s The Love Laugh Live Show that she and Saif have been thinking about sending Taimur to boarding school. The actress herself studied in a boarding school in Dehradun and she had gone on records to say that she had loved the experience. Even her husband Saif had studied in a boarding school from the age of 7 till he was 17.

Further speaking about their decision Kareena had revealed, “We both are pretty much in for it. The life in Mumbai, the life we have in the movies might push us to the point. Right now, I can’t have people trailing him around. It just bothers me when people say, ‘oh I look at Taimur’s picture and it makes me happy’ I find it little weird also because I don’t look at other kids’ pictures and say it makes me happy. It is just the way I am.” She added, “It will be great if he can have a normal life, though we are trying as much as we can.”

Kareena Kapoor once opened up about if little Taimur is used to the constant presence of the paparazzi around him. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Kareena had revealed, “I feel it’s getting used to his name being called out and not particularly the cameras around. I don’t think he can make out that he’s being clicked. He’s still too small for that.”

In another interview when asked about Internet’s obsession with Taimur, she was quoted as saying, “Honestly, I’ve never held back anything. He’s practically all over the place. But he’s just 17 months old, so, let him grow up and have his life. I want him to have a normal upbringing and I totally understand that it’s tough to have it in today’s time but it is okay. I am letting him be. I can’t stop him from anything and I will not stop him from having a normal life at all.”

On the same show Kareena had revealed that whenever Saif is not at home he keeps asking “Abba Kidhar Hai? Abba Kidhar Hai all the time”.Kareena further went on to reveal how Taimur reacts every time she heads to work and had said, “He says the sweetest thing every day when I have to go to work. ‘Amma, don’t go.’ It just breaks your heart. Sometimes, I just have to slip out without saying bye to him.”

Well, Taimur is undoubtedly one of the cutest star kid and we can’t stop drooling over him. What do you guys think about Saif and Kareena’s decision of sending Taimur to a boarding school? Keep us posted.