Kareena Kapoor Khan is back with season two of what women want on ishq fm. She is back with her show and this time with more spice and enthusiasm. Recently she invited her step daughter Sara Ali Khan. The duo had amazing conversation on What women wants with love Aaj Kal.

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Starting the discussion on the topic Sara replied Kareena asked Sara about what she thinks is a major difference between a relationship today from what it was 20 years ago. To which, Sara replied, “I think that, you know, especially since, you know I am doing ‘Love Aaj Kal’, whether it’s my character Zoe in the film or it’s me, I think the one thing that I see is very different is that women are more vocal about their needs in relationships today than they were back then, you know. Us zamaane mein ek tarah se, there was a shyness, a coyness…ahh…kind of quiet demeanor to women which was perceived as the correct way to be. But aaj ke zamaane mein, mujhe lagta hai auratein bohot hi khulli hogayi hai aur bohot hi samne se bolti hai unhe kya chahiye apne partners se.”

Sara Ali Khan continued, “I think that’s a result of maybe financial independence, emotional independence, maybe just the fact that women are more confident in their own skin today, which is not to say maybe that, you know physical intimacy for instance, is something that women want more than they did back then. But I think there’s more acceptance to be able to speak about it today than there was back then.”

When probed what qualities she would look for in a man to date, Sara Ali Khan retorted, “I think, sachchayi.” Kareena Kapoor Khan interrupted, “But that’s not the first thing you look for. I mean, you don’t know that person.” Sara added, “Fun, humour.” Kareena cut in, “Good looks?” Sara responded, “Not really. No, I am not one of those. I am okay without that. It will probably be better because then there would not be self-obsessed and that is something I cannot handle. I mean he doesn’t have to be bad looking, but he doesn’t have to be so good looking that that’s all we talk about.”

Sara Ali Khan further shared, “I think that somebody that’s, more than good looking or anything, just comfortable in their own skin. I think that is rare today. I think people that are just, own who they are, rare and very very attractive. So, I think if you can be true to who you are, there’s nothing like that.”

Kareena Kapoor Khan, in a later segment of her show, introduced a game, wherein she will give Sara Ali Khan a word, and the latter has to say if she has ever done that in a relationship or not. The first situation given to Sara was ghosting, to which she replied, “No, I haven’t done that. I reply to everybody. I reply to even those that you shouldn’t reply to. I’m one of those.” She also admitted that she has never cheated in a relationship or checked her partner’s phone.

Sara is starring in love Aaj Kal opposite Kartik Aryan. The film is sequal of love aaj kal starring her father Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone.. The Movie is Going to release on 14 Feb, Valentines Day. Tell us what do you think what women wants in Love Aaj Kal, what do you think.