Is Kareena Kapoor mean in real life? Fans reveal!

By admin

May 23, 2017

Being a celebrity in a star-struck country like India is a real tough job. Your every activity, outfit, word and action is watched by millions of excited fans. Judgments by fans follow, for obvious reasons. And now when everyone has a medium to share their opinions (and judgments) with masses, we came across a thread on Quora where fans recalled their encounters with Kareena Kapoor. And trust me, they are not pleasant at all. If you are also a Kareena Kapoor fan like me, these incidents are surely gonna hurt you bad. So read on your own risk!

Too cold with school kids: A user named Gautam Keswani wrote on Quora, “I don’t know if she has changed after marrying saif and having a baby or not.. But reading the answers here. It doesn’t seem like. So this incident happened with me and all the children in my school when Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor had come to our school for a film they were doing together called Milenge Milenge.. And as school kids, each and every one of us were very excited that we would get to see these super stars in our campus.. The day shooting began.. I am sure no one including me was paying any attention to what the teacher was teaching.. Not that we ever did.. But today was special.. Because the shoot was happening right in front of the building we were studying in.. And in fact we could even see it from the windows.. So the moment the class finished everyone rushed down to watch Kareena and Shahid.. Only to find that they had placed bodyguards at the entrance of the building so that the shooting isn’t disturbed.. Anyways we waited for the shoot to end.. And then all of us ran to the actors to meet and take their autographs.

So now comes the story of the arrogant kareena kapoor.. Seeing all the kids gathered around she made disgusting faces the whole time.. Never gave a smile.. (i mean we were kids cmon.. ).. Told her spot boys and bodyguards to keep us away from her.. And we were sooo desperate to have one handshake with her or just to get her autograph.. That one kid of 4th class got too excited and stepped on her heels accidently.. And OMG.. She blasted out on that poor kid almost bringing him to tears while we watched our perception of this goddess of an actress shatter to pieces.. After that incident literally no one went close to her. BTW . on the other hand.. Shahid Kapoor was also surrounded by hundreds of children.. And to our surprise.. He was totally opposite to Kareena.. He was warm and friendly.. He was giving autographs to everyone who approached him.. He was also picking up little kids in his arms and playing and kissing them occasionally. From that day I hated Kareena to the core.. Though she did some superb roles later in her career after that.. I could never erase this memory of her being so ignorant and ruthless to little kids..”Arrogance at Airport:

Amala Ranganekar shared her encounter with Kareena and Saif and this is what happened!

“I was at the Mumbai airport security check on my way to Goa. As I was picking up my bag from the security belt, I noticed a bright colored pretty purse and glanced up to see who owned it.. I saw Kareena Kapoor standing in front of me for the first time in my life! A big fan that I was, I quickly walked up to her once she had picked up her stuff and was free. I smiled, told her I really admire her acting skills and requested an autograph behind my boarding pass. Not a single expression on her face, no smile, nothing. She signed the back of my boarding pass and passed it back to me with the least interest. She did not respond when I said thanks, and walked away rolling her eyeballs. I understand she might not have anticipated bumping into a fan suddenly during a security check, so I dismissed my temporary feeling of betrayal by one of my favorite stars. Then came the mega moment I can never forget. An aged lady’s luggage had fallen on the floor and came in Kareena’s way as she was walking. She clearly mumbled angry words, gave the lady angry looks, jumped over her bag and walked away. She then called her personal assistant(or whoever it was) and whispered something after which she was escorted away from the general public area into a private area, and of course allowed to board the plane before all of us. Did she have a bad/busy day? A health issue? Well, maybe.. but there is a higher probability that she was just arrogant and considered herself very superior to the other people out there, given her star status. However, guess who gave her that ‘celebrity’ status? These same, ordinary people :)”

The Ungrateful Kapoor Khandaan?

Baijnath Pandey reveals, “I don’t like beating around the bush. So, here is the naked truth: Kareena is a classless, arrogant, spoilt-brat. The fact that she comes from a very influential family and is a popular public figure is deeply en-rooted in her tiny mind. I’ve met her personally and had to bear her and her sister Karisma, her mom, and some bunch of morons who accompanied her during her stay at the Oberoi Rajvilas resort, Jaipur in 2003, where I was interning.

To cut the long story short, she was there to celebrate her birthday and we did more than a guest would expect. On her birthday night, we surprised her by filling her room, (in her absence of-course) with the best exotic flowers and the best possible decoration. We made a huge personalized cake and made it grand for her. And guess what, neither her nor her entire family had a single word of thanks. By the way, this all was complimentary from our side! 🙂 Let me add some more fun to it, their entire stay was paid by the producer/someone of the movie she was working in! While leaving the hotel, forget about leaving a single rupee as tip (don’t take me wrong, Oberoi hotels doesn’t encourage individual tipping, but most of the guests, while checking out from the hotel do leave it at the reception as part of centralized tipping.) None of them, including her, had even the basic courtesy of thanking the hotel team that made their stay such a memorable one. It’s important for me to inform you all that The Oberoi Rajvilas is not an ordinary hotel to treat her so special. The Former President of USA Bill Clinton has stayed here not just once but twice. This hotel has consistently been ranked as one of the best, not just in India but in the world: The Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur She ensured that we all got to know what a classless woman she is and how arrogant the Kapoor family is! On the contrary, Karishma’s husband was a dignified man with loads of humility. No wonder, we all in the hotel could easily predict the future of Karishma and her husband. ;)”

Again, too cold with a kid!

A Quora user, Dhwani Patel also shared her experience of accidentally bumping into Kareena Kapoor at the airport. “I actually met her as a child! I am 23 years old now but I went to a show when I was about 7 with my mom. My mom knew few of the individuals who were sponsoring the show and offered to take me to the back where they were so I could say hi. I was really one of her biggest fans when I was younger but this event changed my opinion forever. I got back there with one of my moms friends and I was a shy kid so my uncle introduced me and I smiled SO big and said hi. She turned and looked at me and made a very disgusting face. It wiped the smile off my face so fast. She didn’t even say hi to me and rolled her eyes and walked away. I brought a poster to the back to have her sign it for me but I really didn’t even have interest in getting it signed anymore and I went back to my mom. I went from knowing all of her movies, songs, etc. to not even wanting to watch anymore movies with her in it! Ugh, she’s a witch.. I swear lol.”

The only pleasant story!

A girl names Palak Tuteja shares her happy experience with bebo. “I work with one of the most prominent hotel chains of India and seeing bollywood stars is not new here. I once got the opportunity to stay very close to both Kareena and Saif and cater to all their needs. Saif was very friendly and outgoing while Kareena was reserved and would not converse much. I did perceive her to be rude and arrogant who would gossip with her friends and roll her eyes on almost everything, would make faces but would not say anything and it was very difficult to know what she wanted. However she would always smile while she looked at me, she never had extravagant demands like others stars have and also she was expecting at that time but never cried for attention. Which for me is the sign of a simple person. At the time of check out, she came forward and offered to get clicked with me 🙂 It was a memorable experience and a lesson that people are not always what they appear to be!!” We can’t really comment if these stories are fabricated or true! But if these are true, I am really disheartened.