Kareena Kapoor Khan is one Bollywood actress who has been very vocal about everything. She is one woman who has stood strong through all the phases of her life. She is someone who has always set trends in the industry. While she was in her pregnancy phase, her maternity looks started trending like crazy.


On the occasion of women’s day, Kareena talked about her life, how she went against the entire world to be with Saif.

Kareena shared, “Saif and I have been together for nearly a decade, so this was a natural progression in our life. Years ago, when I had started living-in with Saif, I was warned not to do it. Then I was told not to get married, but I didn’t budge from my decision. I have always been open about my personal life, my relationships and also openly talked about movies. I have nothing to hide.”

More power to you, Kareena!

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