Kareena & Soha Slammed For Wearing Bikini In Front Of Saif and Kunal!

By admin

September 04, 2018

The internet seems to have become a very dangerous place nowadays. You can find trollers trolling everyone for everything they do. Whether one is posting their pictures or sharing their person opinion, it seems that these Trolls have nothing else to do in life than to keep watching social media posts and slam everything they find offensive according to their own cheap mindset. And  Bollywood celebrities are on the direct target of all these trolls.

Kareena Kapoor and Soha Ali Khan have become the latest targets of these shi**y internet trolls. And why? Because the two wore bikinis apparently in front of their own husbands. Now nothing can get worse than that man! But it did. Like always, they started throwing all that religion bullsh** towards the ladies for wearing a bikini being a Muslim and how they are a dark spot in the name of Muslims.

The matter in concern took place when Soha Ali Khan took to social media to share some of their pictures from their vacation. In the pictures, Kareena, Saif, Soha, Kunal, Taimur, and Inaaya were seen together in a pool enjoying the waters. But the trolls couldn’t take it and started commenting things about the actresses. Can you believe that some of the trolls even called Kareena and Soha wearing bikini as the main reason for rapes in India. Have a look at these comments.