Kartik Calls The Role Of ‘Arjun Pathak’ In The Netlfix Release Dhamaka, The Most Challenging Role Till Date

Kartik Aryan celebrates his 31st birthday today and discusses his role in the Netflix release, Dhamaka. The actor said that he could never be a reporter in real life. Adding to his statement, he said, “I don’t know how to balance my personal and professional life because you’re always on your toes. I have gained an immense respect for journalism.” The actor is gaining praise for his performance in his latest release. In the movie, he played the role of a journalist.

The journalist, Arjun Pathak, converses with the bomber and is forced to do certain things. Moreover, his boss told him that he would get the prime seat if he became the news anchor for this particular storey. She also tells him to participate in the ratings race for the channel. Besides this, Kartik Aryan also portrays the role of a cold-hearted journalist, who will go to any length to climb the ladder of success. Moreover, he would not care about emotions while achieving success. That’s why at the beginning of the movie, he has divorce papers in his hand.

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The actor called it a challenging role and gave credit to the director, Ram Madhvani, for guiding and mentoring him and further helping him to give his best performance. He said, “A lot was happening on set, and it was something that would drain you as an actor, but there was Ram Madhvani, sir, who was always there.”

This was the first time when Kartik worked with Ram Madhvani. The director is famous for his unique style of filming. The movie was shot in 10 days with a limited crew. While talking about working with Ram Madhavni, Kartik said, “It was a conscious decision to work with him.”

The Akash Vaani actor further said, “I wanted to be a part of his world, the way he shoots, his vision. I’m glad I got to be that person about whom Ram Madhvani would think of how he should be and what he should do, how he’d present him. It’s a dream come true and I enjoyed every bit of it.”

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Kartik addressed his director as ‘professional and a team player’ and said, “He looked after his team and me being a part of it also.” That speaks volumes about him. As he says, he hosts shoots. He’s a very good host, so it’s like a celebration when you’re shooting with him. I’m glad that we got to spend so much time with each other.

While celebrating his birthday, the actor said, “It’s not Kartik 2.0, but it’s been a conscious decision to do good scripts. We made an edge-of-seat thriller which people are raving about, which is great.” Dhamaka is the first OTT release by the actor. Speaking about his OTT debut, he said, “the right film at the right time,” due to the global reach of the OTT platforms.

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