Kate is an influence on runway fashion, she has nearly resurrected the Alice bands. She has brought the 90’s trend back and our wardrobe needs it. We all know fashion is cyclical, it is all about being new that does not only count to be trendy but the revival of the style. Such hatbands were last seen widely in the 80’s with Kate’s late mother in law Diana, Princess of Wales. 2019 is all about redefining the retro looks. This time Kate Middleton gave us a shot with her exquisites.

The hatband is an over sized headband with some embellishment or padding. The Duchess of Cambridge was seen posing at Prince Archie’s christening with her classic cream beige headband with ornamentation on it from Jane Taylor, she played the same on Prince Louis’s christening. It adds a touch of formal drama and elegance to the aura, just like ‘splash it with a dash’ thing. For the same reason she has been wearing them to the formal occasions and ceremonies. All the restrictions ‘being a royal’ has, she plays it with panache and stays up with the tag of a style icon.

Kate Middleton at Prince Archie’s Christening

You can go with a simpler version of the head band and sport the look. 

The hatband is a must have in your wardrobes this 2019.