Kate Winslet Hospitalized After Sustaining Injury On The Set Of “Lee”

The 46-year-old Titanic star was spotted being rushed to the hospital after she slip and fell, injuring her leg while shooting her latest project “Lee” on the set in Croatia, over the weekend. Kate was seen being escorted to the nearby Dubrovnik hospital, with a 15-minute journey in a black van. The said injury was reportedly due to a mix-footing on the set of her upcoming film in the Croatian village of Kupari. Sources state that Kate arrived at the hospital with a companion, in an all-black outfit sporting a matching black mask. According to the Croatian press the moment the actress arrived at the hospital she was ushered in by “several people” and her injury didn’t seem to be that serious as she was not limping ever so slightly and seemed perfectly capable of walking.

The trip to the hospital was described as a precautionary measure and it was said that Kate would carry on shooting over next week as planned, Kate’s PR team told Metro.co.uk that “She is fine and will be filming this week as planned.”

In her current project Lee, the “Sense and Sensibility” star would be taking up the role of Lee Miller, a Vogue model turned war photographer, in the 20s. The actress would be starring beside Andy Samberg and Jude Law, in the HBO film. The film has been in the works since 2015 and had caused quite the stir when it was revealed that Winslet will be portraying the Legend. Since people aren’t quite familiar with the legendary photographer it would certainly be an interesting watch, it is rumoured that the film would be out sometime around the middle of next year.

The academy award-winning actress also recently wrapped up shooting for the highly anticipated sci-fi sequel “Avatar 2” where she performed a risky stunt which required her to remain underwater for almost 7 minutes!

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